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New and Replacement Roofs and Consulting - Tremco

Discounts on a New Roof, or Roof Reconditioning

Need a New Roof, or Roof Reconditioning?

Cooperating School Districts and WTI, Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. have created a
purchasing partnership for Missouri Schools for the following Services

Roof Consolidations
Roof Replacement
Roof Repair and Maintenance
Engineering and Consulting Services

WTI will be there to accommodate your needs at a reduced cost. They offer single source
responsibility. All line items have been bid by a qualified Educational Consortium reducing time delays.
WTI uses only certified installation contractors.

Please contact CSD at 800-818-7486 for further information.

WTI has replaced roofs in the following school districts; Bayless (2 roofs), Kirkwood (4 roofs), Grandview (1 roof), MRH (1 roof) & North Callaway County (1 roof).